Beach treasure hunts in summer on Skye

If you remember rock pooling and collecting all kinds of trophies from the beach on seaside holidays as a child, then why not recreate those times for your children or grandchildren on your summer holiday?   Beach treasure hunts and exploring the tide-line can reveal all kinds of creatures and all manner of flotsam, especially on the Atlantic facing beaches around Elgol, where Springbank, our Skye self-catering holiday let is located.

To make rock pooling and beachcombing even more fun we’ve produced a short (tongue in cheek) checklist of items to look out for with relative scarcity values indicated by treasure points values.

Any fossil remains = 1000 treasure points

Belemnite remains



Sea anemone = 50 treasure points


Minke whale skeleton

Any whale or dolphin bones or remains = 2000 treasure points and finder automatically qualifies for an ice cream!


Small rock fish

Any squiggly thing found under a rock = 100 treasure points each plus extra 50 points for an identification.  Be sure to put them back!

All the way from Shetland

Fish box = 500 treasure points and a bonus point for every mile the box has travelled.

There’s plenty of books and guides in our environmental activities room for you to refer to so you can make up your lists of things to look out for on a day’s treasure hunting.   There’s nets, buckets, magnifying containers and finds trays to use and help you identify what you’ve found.  Beach treasure hunts are one of those special activities that you can do together and which make your time on holiday together so special.

So, if you’re looking to plan a family holiday by the seaside, take a look at what we offer.  There’s loads of resources for outdoor activities such as bat detecting, bird watching, mini-beast safaris, star gazing and fossil hunting.  We think it all makes Springbank Skye self catering cottage the perfect base to return to after long days spent on the beach and exploring the coast.  Click for availability.