Digital detox at Springbank in Skye

Digital detox was not a concept that even existed when we first came to Skye in the 1960s.  We had no phone or TV back then so it was some kind of equivalent.  But, Springbank has always been a place where you can spend time getting closer to nature.

Connect with nature

Our environmental activities room is a digital-free space housing resources and information for all kinds of activies.  These include fossil hunting, rock pooling, bird watching, mini-beast safaris, dragonfly monitoring, star gazing, and bat detecting. There’s books and guides with additional information about where and how to do the activities.  There’s everything you need for a digital detox holiday filled with tech-free activities.

Discover more at Springbank

Discover more at Springbank Cottage, Elgol, Isle of Skye

But we are wired

But, let’s get one thing clear – we DO have an internet connection at the house. Guests have unlimited downloads during their stay so you’ll never be out of touch.  Our wireless signal doesn’t reach the environmental activities room so getting the kids out there will cut them off from their wi-fi in a fairly painless way.

Time together

Hopefully, they (and you) will be enthralled with what’s on offer.  Recreating your own childhood seaside holidays and enjoying time spent together is priceless.  One of the reasons we added this space is that we’ve always enjoyed the opportunities it offers to do things together as a family that we wouldn’t usually do.

We hope you’ll think the same and we look forward to welcoming you to our special place.  You can turn off the digital noise and connect with the natural world in Skye, one of the best places in Britain to enjoy amazing wildlife and stunning scenery.

So, if you are thinking about a trip to Skye and you want more than just a “standard” self catering cottage, take a closer look.  We hope you will be surprised by how much is on offer during a stay at Springbank Cottage.

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