Fishing for Fun & Food

The wee man’s first fish!

What you can do

  • Rod fishing in the sea for interesting species, some of which are edible.

Where to do it

  • Any jetty or pier with easy access to deeper water are prime locations. Fishing from the rocky shore can also be productive.

What we provide

  • Selection of spinning and pier rods with reels and a variety of suitable tackle and artificial lures.
  • Guide book on how to set tackle up for specific species.
  • Cookery books on how to prepare what you’ve caught (or bought!)

Advice about the activity

  • Safety is of paramount importance and extreme care should be taken in any exposed situation and near deep water.
  • Fishing on a rising tide is usually best.
  • If all else fails a quicker route to success may be to make enquiries of the local fisherman who land catches most evenings at the pier in Elgol. Prawns and other shellfish can be negotiated for and sometimes they have by-catch of non-marketable but highly edible species.

    2013-07-28 074

    Freshly cooked prawn tails

Things to consider

  • Catch and immediate release of non-edible species is recommended.
  • Losing tackle is inevitable and we are happy to sustain minor losses but if you lose a lot of tackle please replace it or let us know.
  • Fishing in any freshwater in Scotland requires a rod licence (which we do not have) and may also require a permit from the owner of the fishing rights.