Star Gazing and Cloud Watching

moon shot

The moon brought closer by digiscoping

Star gazing is a great activity on nights when there’s a clear sky. Elgol provides a big sky horizon for night time watching and there’s also good opportunities to see interesting cloud formations during the daytime.

Cloud watching is becoming increasingly popular, especially among photographers and the area offers good opportunities to see some interesting clouds, including the aurora borealis at the right time of the year.

What you can do

  • Scan the night sky to try and pick out recognisable stars and constellations.
  • Watch the moon and see moon phases for real.
  • Use a star chart and planosphere to help identify patterns among the stars.
  • Look out for the International Space Station as it passes.

Where to do it

  • Elgol has all the makings of a perfect dark-sky site – no street lighting, almost no light pollution and a huge viewable horizon.

What we provide

  • Binoculars
  • 2018 Guide to the Night Sky
  • Planosphere for 51.5 deg North
  • Guide to the major constellations

Advice about the activity

  • Clear skies give the best visibility and make it easier to identify star groups.
  • Set up the chairs and cushions, wrap up warm and sit out on the terrace and enjoy the show.

Things to consider

  • Never look directly at the Sun.
wierd sky

Wierd sky at night