Sea fishing around the Skye coast

The coast of Skye offers brilliant sea fishing opportunities as the waters are rich in edible species including mackerel and, especially, pollack which are plentiful and can reach a good size.

Let's fish!

Let’s fish!

The Elgol shore is no exception.  Guests of Springbank Cottage, our Skye self catering holiday cottage have the use of a good selection of sea fishing gear during their stay.

Elgol jetty

Spinning a lure is a good way to get started.  You may need to weight the lure to get it to sink but you don’t want it too heavy otherwise it sinks into the weed too quickly.  Your lure is supposed to be a small bait fish for the bigger ones to catch so keep it “swimming”.


The jetty at Elgol is a good place to start.  Try early in the morning or in the evening when the boats aren’t operating.

The water is deep off the many rocky headlands around the shore and these provide good casting spots to allow you to get the bait or lure well out and away from any weed.  When retrieving the bait or lure, keep the rod tip high and as far out as you to avoid snags on the rocks and weed.

Given the fishing opportunities around the Skye coast it is no surprise that someone has set up as a fishing guide on Skye.  Dimitrios Chariskos has published a number of amazing videos of him catching really good fish, especially pollack, from the rocks.  Get in touch with him direct if you want to organise a day out with him.

If you are lucky (or skilled!) enough to catch something worth eating, the house has a number of good seafood cookery books to inspire you.  But if you weren’t lucky stop by the jetty at Elgol and see if you can buy something from the fishermen when they are landing.