Skye guide to Orchids – what to look for

To a non-botanist the fact that wild orchids can be readily found on Skye is probably amazing enough but the range of species to try and find is truly impressive and attracts interest from keen botanists.  p6240051

First of all, I have to confess that apart from taking a few pictures of orchids I have no special knowledge about them but when I came across the guide to orchids in Skye and Lochalsh produced by the Skye and Lochalsh Environmental Forum I began to take a bit more interest.orchids-medium

The moorlands of Skye are actually pretty well populated by orchids and the common ones are fairly easy to find.  Check out any boggy bit of moorland for their distinctive flower spikes from April onwards.  You’ll be amazed at what you find.

These shots of Northern Marsh Orchid and Heath Spotted Orchid were taken in the moorland and croftland near to Springbank, our Skye self catering holiday cottage.  We provide guests staying at Springbank with a range of resources for environmental activities and this includes guides to wild flowers.  Why not try an orchid safari on your next visit to Skye?