What’s new

There’s been some changes to our Skye holiday cottage that our recent guests have enjoyed so, we’d like to share what’s new and what they liked.

First of all, a big “thank you” to everyone that has stayed at Springbank in 2018. For those who haven’t been for some time, or who haven’t stayed at Springbank Cottage at all, we’d like to show you some of the changes we’ve made and share what some of our guests have said.

“The cottage is as superb as ever.”

Dining conservatory on the front of Springbank

The biggest change since we added a dining conservatory a few years ago has been the redevelopment of the old shed.  We wanted to create space for two things: a dedicated utility and laundry room with drying facilities and, more ambitiously, a studio/playroom space with resources for environmental activities.

New studio and environmental activities room

The studio and environmental activities room offers a lot.    There’s toys, games, puzzles and art materials as well as space to spread out and do these activities.  The room also houses a lot of resources that guests have exclusive use of and can take out and about with them to do specific activities such as fossil hunting, bird watching and rock pooling.

The room is really there for guests to make of it what they want – a play room on days when the kids don’t want to be out; an art room for those that want to create; a resource centre for activities that will let you discover Skye’s amazing wildlife and natural history.  You choose.

Space in which to relax, create and discover

Space in which to relax, create and discover

Here’s what some of guests this year have said about the space:

“Really good idea.  Our son used it as a den and loved being out there.”

“It’s great as you can sit and watch the birds on the feeders while drawing, reading or just relaxing.”

“Great idea.  The fossil stuff was really useful and binoculars were good to have.”

The laundry room ensures everyone can get their walking kit cleaned and dried over night ready to go again the next day. There’s even an ironing board should you want to get spruced up for a special night out.

So, if you are thinking about a trip to Skye and you want more than just a “standard” holiday cottage, take a closer look.  We hope you will be surprised by how much is on offer during a stay at Springbank Cottage.  Please check our prices and availability and we look forward to your enquiry.